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Welcome to NurseLine Healthcare, (NLHI) as known herein as (NLHI)!

As a new pending employee with (NLHI), you will be required to complete a (1) hours process in which you will receive a company policy and procedure manual.  You will also be required to complete a on sited ("Drug-Screen-Test.")

You the new pending employee must be able to pass a (12-Panel-Drug-Screen-Test) prior to finalizing your employment with (NLHI) or its affiliated companies and must be completed and authorized prior to your first shift worked.

Further, you will also be required to take random drug-Screening-test while employed with the company!

In the event you fail the provided (Drug-Screen-Test), you will be required to contact your Primary-Medical-Doctor, (PMD) and submit to a new physical review, labs, and authorization of the same with release of findings as authorized by your (PMD) and affirmed by the company.  Be advised, all affiliated cost to complete this requirement must be paid by you and returned to (NLHI) prior to your first shift worked.  As fact, your (Hire-Date will be your First-Date-Worked).  All associated cost must be paid by the applicant and will not be paid by (NLHI) or its affiliated companies.

As a reminder, NurseLine Healthcare and its affiliated companies are required to meet all Federal, State, Triable and Local Laws to include but not limited to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).