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NurseLine Healthcare and its affiliated companies subscribe to all Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Laws.  We here at the company will not in any way discriminate against an individual or group of individuals with regards to all cited applicable laws.

Registered Nurses' and Licensed Practical Nurses' are required to be licensed in the state in which they reside!  As an example, below please find the current contact information to the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

New Jersey Board of Nursing:


N.J.S.A. 45:11-24, 45:11-67 and 52: I 4B-5.1.

Source and Effective Date

R.2011 d.025, effective December 15, 2010.

See: 42 NJ.R. 1481(a), 43 NJ.R. 193(a).

Board Actions:

Listed below are all the orders issued by the Board of Nursing during the month. This includes all Final, Interim Temporary Suspension, Probation, Consent and Reinstatement Orders.

In the instances where a license has been surrendered, suspended, or revoked, the licensee is not permitted to practice nursing.

In the instances where a licensee is on a 'stayed' suspension or probation, the licensee is permitted to practice nursing within certain conditions or restrictions. License reinstatements are not automatic.

Please do not use the information on the list below to verify licensure status. Before taking any employment action based upon this list, it is imperative that you verify the information by calling the board at (973) 504-6457.

New Jersey Board of Nursing, PO Box 45010, Newark, NJ 07101, (973) 504-6430.

When a license is suspended, revoked or surrendered, we ask the nurse to return the physical license to the Board office. However, sometimes this is not received. Therefore when verifying a license, please note the expiration date or evidence of tampering. If an employer chooses to make a photocopy of a license for personnel files, it is important that ‘void’ is written across the face of the license.

License Information:

Licensee Information Information for Registered Professional Nursing Programs [pdf]Know Your Board Online Change of Address Form Changes to the New Jersey Prescription Blanks (NJPB) Format Reporting Form For Drug Diversion and Impairment Continuing Education Letter to the Nursing Community - January 2007Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs" Criminal History Record Background Check Patient Abandonment Position StatementGuidelines For Determining Scope of Nursing Practice and Making Delegation DecisionsPostpartum Depression

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